Two Green Juice Recipes That Taste Awesome!

Green Juice Recipes

I now love my green juice for weight loss and after you try the green juice recipes below, you too will love drinking green juice. It’s so great for weight loss and for detox benefits. I don’t go a day anymore without a green juice.

Update – check out a variation on the Green Lemonade that has less sugar. Also, follow my green juice board on Pinterest for more green juice photos and info.

Three months ago I tried my first green juice and let’s just say I didn’t like the taste. I created a video showing me drinking my first green juice and you can see my reaction after trying the juice.

Fast forward a couple of months and I purchased a juicer – the Omega 330HD. I tried making my own juice recipe and it tasted better but still wasn’t good. (note: each juicer is different and will produce different volumes of juice. This Omega is supposedly one of the best at allowing the juice to be stored the longest.)

My nutritionist held a green juice session with me last week and every juice we made tasted awesome! I was pretty shocked to be honest that I liked everything we made. So I wanted to share a couple of the recipes we made – more green juice recipes in the future. I can tell you that if you have been hesitant to give juicing a try – these 2 recipes will instantly convert you.

Generally the suggestion is to use organic produce in your juices since you may juice the entire fruit or vegetable. In the juices below, everything was organic except the lemons and the pineapple.

The “green lemonade” is my favorite of the two – the lemon taste overpowers the greens and you won’t know you aren’t drinking a sugared lemonade! I’ve made the juice twice since Linda’s session and both times the juice was just as tasty. I bought a case of mason jars and froze a few jars so I won’t have to make the juice every day.

Green Lemonade Recipe:

  • 3 apples (I love Fuji apples!) – make sure the apple you select is a sweet apple
  • 1/2 cucumber (I used a English aka Hot House cucumber) – and I also tried 1 full cucumber and the juice tasted good as well
  • 1 lemon – make sure to remove the skin
  • 5 stalks kale – I used lacinto kale also known as dino kale

Directions: juice all of the items according to your juicer’s instructions. Using the Omega 330HD, this recipe has made between 32-40 ounces of green juice

Pineapple Green Juice

  • 1/2 pineapple
  • 1 cucumber (again I used English/Hot House)
  • 4-5 handfuls of spinach
  • half bunch mint

Directions: juice all of the items according to your juicer’s instructions.¬†Using the Omega 330HD, this recipe has made between 26-30 ounces of green juice.

Note on this juice: start light on the mint – my last batch I put in too much mint and I found the juice to be too minty.

So what are you waiting for – get going with juicing – just think about all the vitamins and minerals in just one 16oz cup of juice!

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26 replies on “Two Green Juice Recipes That Taste Awesome!

    1. Allen Post author

      Hi Jody – thanks so much for the suggestion! I don’t think I’ve tried juicing spinach yet – will definitely try that next time.

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  2. Jenny

    I love green juices and your green juice recipe tasted great. I think the juices have helped me lose some weight and “detox” – let’s leave it at that so I don’t go TMI ha.

  3. Jim

    Going to try the Green Lemonade recipe before my workout tonight, it sounds great! Tried just straight up cucumber/kale last week and it was a bit strong for my taste.

    1. Allen Post author

      I am sure you will like it Jim – I think for when you start out, put in more apple to make it more sweet – the cucumber/kale was a killer for me at first too – just check my youtube video heh :)

  4. Ashlyn

    Definitely planning on trying these recipes (after I get a juicer!) because I was very unsure about the taste of green juices, but hearing that you liked these made me a little less nervous about trying them. On the other hand, since I haven’t invested in a juicer yet, I googled the Omega 330HD and saw it was almost $400! WHAT!? Did you spend that much on the juicer or could you give me some cheaper suggestions? Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try your recipes!

    1. Allen Post author

      Hi Ashlyn – thanks for stopping by :) I bought the juicer on a one-day sale that Omega had last summer – they had it for $170 – it was a pretty sweet deal, I got some of my friends to buy one too. It is definitely an expensive machine but worth it although there is no way I would have spent $400. A great machine that is very popular is the Breville Juice Fountain – it is $100 and is a good juicer and was used in the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The differences are that the Omega makes no noise and the Breville sounds like you are about to take off for Paris :) The other difference is that the Omega is better for leafy greens but I am sure the Breville will be great for you. Honestly it is the juicer I would have purchased if Omega didn’t have the deal.

      I am sure we can find a green juice combo you will like :)

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  6. Ronel Gill

    Hi Allen, I am extremely overweight and was just telling my husband that I am going to make fruit and veggy juices this weekend as a start to a healthier me. I admit that my will power leaves a lot to be desired, so I was wonderign if you had any tips for me

    1. Allen Stern Post author

      Hi Ronel – congrats on deciding to give it a go! Be proud of this step – seriously the most important step is the one to get started. I think the key is to start with green juices that have good sweetness to them – so if you do the green lemonade above, you should be good to go. I’d also say that you might want to start with a smoothie – I am glad I started with smoothies first. And of course you should always check with your doctor or nutritionist before starting any new nutrition programs!

    1. Allen Stern Post author

      Awesome Delia – you will love your Omega – I so love mine – use it nearly every day! Email me if you run into any issues – or need any juicing help.

  7. Diana

    The Green Lemonade was delicious! It was the first green juice made in our new juicer…even my 10, 5, and 4 year old picky boys liked it! Thank you!

    1. Allen Stern Post author

      Hi Diana – that is SO AWESOME – and you are totally awesome for sharing green juice with your kids – absolutely wonderful.

  8. Lisa

    I juice all of the time and I don’t have recipes, I just throw a bunch of stuff in and drink it. :) I will have to try some recipies :) I do have one question though. I have heard so many different things on how quickly you need to drink your juice before it looses nutrients. I just started freezing too but I dont know how long you can keep in freezer? I was also told you can paint your mason jars black to keep nutrients in? Where you ever told how long juice will keep?

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