Healthy Products

I’d like to share some of my favorite products that have helped me transform my life and lose weight. I buy almost all of my healthy products and superfoods from either Amazon or iHerb. I find that both companies offer excellent pricing and great customer service. Make sure to bookmark this page as I will keep adding more products and will post deals as I find them.

Blenders & Juicers

I use the Blendtec blender daily and love how easy it is to clean which is helpful at 6am. The Vitamix and the Blendtec are considered the best. They are expensive – if you are just starting out, I think the Hamilton Beach personal blender is great because it makes one serving and only costs a few dollars.
blendtec-blender  vitamix-blender  omega-vrt-350-juicer  breville-juice-fountain-plus  hamilton-beach-blender


I use some combo of some of the superfoods in my smoothies everyday. They are a great way to increase the nutrition of your smoothies without changing the taste.

acai-powder-navitas-naturals  chia-navitas-naturals  maca-navitas-natural  maqui-powder-navitas-naturals  nunaturals-stevia

Beauty Care

Yes, I am a guy but I do care about what products I use on my body. I do the dry skin brushing every day and love it – it will make your body tingle and can help with weight loss and cellulite removal.

alba-bath-gel-mint  body-brush  alba-mango-shave-cream  alba-mango-shampoo  alba-mango-conditioner

Kitchen Gadgets

A good knife is a great help when you are moving to a healthy lifestyle. The spiralizer is total fun and will get kids to eat more vegetables – heck, I won a raw foods cookoff using the spiralizer!
victorinox-knife  pure-komachi-knife  spiralizer

Weight Scale

I am not big on using a scale to track a movement towards a healthy lifestyle but I know a lot of people do. This is the scale I own and it is the first scale I have ever owned that is accurate for someone who is of a massive size.


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