Hot House vs Regular Cucumbers for Green Juices

I recently went on a mission to figure out which cucumber is best for juicing – from both the taste and cost perspective. The short version? Use hot house/seedless cucumbers for your green juices. I love my green juices, especially a green lemonade. I love how my green juices have helped with my weight loss. [...]
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Pineapple Apple Green Juice

Here’s my recipe for a super simple pineapple + apple + ginger + mint green juice. This juice will have your energy level on high and will fill you with lots of healthy nutritional goodies! I have to admit that I don’t super love pineapple smoothies. I like them fine and pineapple will stay in [...]
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Which is better - a Green Smoothie Detox or a Green Juice Detox?

Which is better for health and nutrition…. green juice or green smoothies? One of the questions I am often asked by Smoothie a Day newsletter subscribers is, “which is better – juicing or blending?” Meaning is it better to drink a green juice or drink a green smoothie? This exact question was one of the [...]
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