Green Smoothie Detox or Green Juice Detox?

The second most popular question I have been asked on the newsletter is whether a Green Smoothie Detox or a Green Juice Detox is better for weight loss and cleansing the body. Here are my personal experiences drinking both juices and smoothies. Next week I will answer the most popular newsletter question!

Which is better - a Green Smoothie Detox or a Green Juice Detox?

Which is better – a Green Smoothie Detox or a Green Juice Detox?

Wikipedia notes, “Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, the human body…”

It seems like the word “detox” is the hot word these days. Last week I was listening to a radio station in Sydney, Australia while exercising and a commercial for a “coconut oil detox” program played. You can’t turn on the tv in the overnight without a commercial for some detox pills that will make you a perfect human being in 30 days or less.

Before I go on, I want to mention that I am not going to recommend any specific detox programs here – detoxing is a process that should be monitored by a professional – either a doctor or nutritionist. When I did several detox programs, I was monitored by Linda, the nutritionist I worked with. She just came out with a detox book and I know she believes in smoothies as a detox protocol.

I don’t call the daily green smoothie and the daily green juice I drink a detox but in certainly is. To me, detox means, “getting crap out of your body” and I still have a lot of crap up in there!

I drink my green juice in the evening and what I have found is that when I wake up in the morning, I am immediately ready for detoxing (I will leave out the TMI). As a test, for 2 weeks I tried not drinking the green juice once each week and then there was no detox in the morning. So in my view, the green juice is definitely getting into the right places while I sleep and is going to work to help with the detox and crap removal. It’s like Draino for the body :-P

I strongly believe that the biggest force in my weight loss has been my green smoothies that I drink every single morning for nearly a year now. I love how the smoothies give me tons of energy to get the day going and they definitely provide some detox benefits. It’s not as direct as the green juice I noted above, but it definitely is there. I think the smoothies are also helping detox my skin. While my skin has never been an issue, I think the smoothies have helped make my skin even smoother and “cleaner”.  I know this will sound crazy but I feel like my skin is able to breathe better since I began my healthy lifestyle journey. I attribute a lot of this to the juices and smoothies. Remember that detoxing happens both on the inside and on the outside.

I was at a networking event a few weeks ago and had a good discussion with Colon Hydrotherapist Juanita Watson. We were talking about how I am drinking juices and smoothies and the detox benefits I’ve noticed. She mentioned that doing a colon cleanse using a colon hydrotherapy machine would help kickstart the detox benefits of the juicing and smoothies. Doing the colon cleanse is something Linda had recommended during our sessions and it is something I want to eventually do as I am sure both Linda and Juanita are right – I think the machine will blast through some of the old junk still stuck inside my body – almost like a powerwasher on a house.

Overall my take is this…don’t worry about calling things detoxes, cleanses, feasts, fasts, etc. Just eat healthy, get some exercise, drink a smoothie and/or juice (preferably both) and let the food take care of cleaning your insides and making your outsides healthier looking!

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