Green Smoothie for Weight Loss

If you have been reading LTF, you know I love my green smoothies for weight loss. If this is your first time here, welcome! These smoothies have been one of the biggest techniques I have been using to see awesome weight loss since February. Not only do the green smoothies help me lose weight, they get my day started off right. It’s amazing how much energy the smoothies provide and how great they make me feel, both inside and outside.

If you are new to green smoothies, check out my newbie Green Smoothie Starter Guide. It answers lots of questions I’ve received about how to get started. Also, if you are looking for smoothie recipes, check out my Smoothie a Day newsletter. Each weekday you will receive a healthy smoothie recipe and on Friday is a dessert smoothie – still healthy but oh-sooo-good!

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With all of the apple snack craziness as of late, I’ve had a chance to speak with lots of parents and so far it seems like kids like green smoothies too. So the next time your child wants something awesome for breakfast, whip up a green smoothie and they will never want sugared cereal again!

Here’s my latest recipe which is an awesome green smoothie for weight loss. The key, I believe, is to start simple. All of the superfoods I’ve listed below are optional. I didn’t start out with green smoothies with lots of items – just a simple green smoothie with fruit and spinach. Then as you move along, keep trying new things in the smoothies. I’ve found that, so far, nothing I’ve added has changed the taste of the smoothies – but the superfoods really have given me added energy and new awesome feelings inside my body!

Green Smoothie for Weight Loss

Green Smoothie for Weight Loss Recipe

Prep time

Cook time

Total time


Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 1

  • 1 cup frozen peaches
  • 1 cup frozen mango chunks
  • 1 banana (fresh or frozen)
  • 6 ounces orange juice (preferably fresh squeezed)
  • 6 ounces water
  • 3-4 handfuls spinach
  • 1 teaspoon raw maca powder
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon flax seeds

  1. Blend and Enjoy!

I know the superfoods can be pricey. My suggestion is to go to Whole Foods and grab some of the chia and flax from their bulk department. You can get a small amount to try and see what you think before investing in a larger bag. I like Navitas Naturals brand and so far the best prices (and top notch customer service) on their stuff are either on Amazon or iHerb. If you use iHerb, use my gift code FUW360 to get $10 off your first order of $40 or more; or $5 orders less than $40. Definitely check both shops as the prices tend to change over time.

If you have any questions about green smoothies or need some motivation to get started, please shoot me an email at (allen-at-letstalkfitness-dot-com). I want all of us to be awesome together!

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38 replies on “Green Smoothie for Weight Loss

  1. Pamela

    I will definitely try these recipies of green smoothies and give you a feed back because I would like to lose some weight specially on my tummy

    1. Allen Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Pamela – I am sure you will do great with drinking a green smoothie every day! Please stop back and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.

  2. Rachel

    I love your smoothies Allen!! I started following you a month ago on Pinterest and find your story very motivational. And I have found so far that these green smoothies are definitely helping with my weight loss goals but more importantly I think I feel better.

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  4. Anna Lumpkin

    Smoothie Smoothie Smoothie – I enjoy my smoothie after I drop my kids off at school. Gives me lots of energy and I think i have lost some weight so far but i mainly drink them for the energy and healthy benefits. Love your recipes Allen.

  5. Margaret Jordan

    I’ve been finding that the green smoothies have helped me feel better in the morning. I always ate what I thought was healthy cereal like Special K but I think the milk weighed me down. The smoothies you have posted here and the ones I find on Pinterest have tasted great and really helped with my energy. Plus of course I get some good nutrition from the smoothies.

    1. Allen Post author

      Hi Lisa – you can definitely replace the orange juice with water – I’ve done that a bit. The orange juice adds more sweetness and taste which helps when you first get started with green smoothies. When I started I used more OJ and less water – now I use way more water than OJ.

  6. Barb

    I have lost over 10 pounds so far drinking smoothies. I have done nothing else differently so I know they have really helped me with my weight loss. I like to put in some hemp seeds sometime for some added protein.

  7. Megan

    Hi Allen – I found your site via Pinterest a couple of months ago and started drinking your smoothies about 45 days ago. So far I have lost 10 pounds of true weight loss and feel great. I have drank one smoothie almost every single morning since I started. Yesterday I threw away all of the boxed cereal in my closet because i would rather have a weight loss smoothie than the cereal. I like putting the smoothie in a cup that I can carry in the car and drink on the way to work. So not just am I losing weight, I am saving time and money too because I don’t have to buy the cereal or the expensive milk. Thanks Allen!

    1. Allen Post author

      Wow Megan that is awesome – so glad you are part of our growing community! I did the same thing with the Smoothies – I replaced either crappy McDonalds or cereal with a smoothie and will never look back.

  8. Rodrigo

    To be honest, I was really scared to start with smoothies. Your recipes helped me get started and so far in the first month I have lost 4 pounds. I can’t believe I actually lost some weight. I want to try to have a smoothie every other day for now and hopefully continue with my weight loss. Thanks for what you do here.

  9. Marquita

    Never would I have thought that a green smoothie could help me lose weight. Never. But I have lost 3 pounds in one week and all I did was replace my normal breakfast with a smoothie. Love your green smoothie recipes Allen!

  10. Jenn Jones

    First time I found this via Pinterest, I thought it looked absolutely ugly as all get up. But I figured I would try it as I like peaches and really like mango. Allen, you were right! You can’t taste the spinach and I did what you said and put it into a thermos so I couldn’t see the green color. All I know is that I had 3 of them last week and I feel great. Usually I feel bloated in the morning and the coffee just makes me feel like crap. The smoothies gave me energy boost and I know I am doing something good for my body!

  11. Lauren

    I tried this smoothie this morning– my first green smoothie! It was DELICIOUS! I was pretty suspicious of the whole this-thing-will-keep-you-full part. I woke up super hungry and this totally satisfied me and I feel great. I’m usually so lethargic in the morning. I’m excited to replace my normal breakfast with your smoothies. Great recipe, thanks Allen!

  12. Christina

    Hi Allen, I made this smoothie Friday and I liked it. Your recipe was the first green smoothie I have ever tried so I’m trying to get used to the slight green spinach taste. Do you recommend using a juicer instead of a blender? I used the blender and even though I got the spinach quite blended, I couldn’t get it completely liquified. I also wanted to know how long the smoothie lasts in the fridge once its made because this recipe is like 2 servings for me lol

    1. Allen Stern Post author

      Wow Christina – you made my smoothie as the first one, you totally made my day! I never taste the spinach and I add nearly half a pound :) What kind of blender are you using? give me the model so I can check it out and then I can provide some recommendations.

      As for keeping the smoothie for later, you could either make half or you can keep it in the fridge at least a day – it’s always best to drink right away but I used to make mine in the evening and drink in the morning.

      1. Christina

        I know its not the best but It’s a oster 14 speed all metal drive. I was thinking about getting a juicer anyway because I found a recipe for a smoothie that requires apple and pears but it says to juice it before putting it in a blender.

        1. Allen Stern Post author

          There is no negative blender talk here Christina :) I am sure it is a fine blender. I started with a tiny little blender as it was all I could afford. I think one thing you might try is letting the frozen fruit defrost a bit first – what I used to do was get up, take fruit out of freezer, put on counter for an hour while i did the morning ritual and then the blender was happier :)

          In terms of juicer or better blender – honestly I would recommend buying organic unfiltered apple juice and buying a better blender maybe. A decent juicer will start at $100.

        2. Deborah

          Hi, Sorry to interrupt but I have a Ninja blender and it rocks. Also, it’s the same price as or less than a decent juicer. I refer to it as the poor mans Vitamix (in the horsepower only sense).

          Allen, I just found this through Pinterest. I look forward to reading along.

          1. Allen Stern Post author

            Hi Deborah – nice to meet you :) I don’t care what blender anyone uses, I can make any blender work great for smoothies! I didn’t start with a vitamix, I started with a tiny personal blender. Like my first accounting professor said all the time, “there are 1,000 ways to utica” – who cares how you get there, as long as you drink a smoothie :)

  13. Alex Warren

    I LOVE this smoothie – Made it for me and my girl the last three weeks a couple times a week and we both love this green smoothie. In terms of weight loss, I have lost 5 pounds and she won’t tell me how much but she seems happier than the coffee she used to have in the morning.

  14. Johnson Walwitz

    Green Smoothies Rock. I am so addicted to your smoothies and your newsletter is great. I have lost 10 pounds so far this year and really the only thing I did was change over breakfast to one of your smoothies. I think your new carrot lemonade smoothie is wonderful, might be my favorite so far!

  15. Jerry

    Hi. Allen. This is my fist time on your site I being drinking green smoothies for 3. Months and I haven’t. Seen much change. On my weight I don’t know what I’m doing wrong I drink 36 0z of green smoothie in the morning and I try to have 32 oz more for diner. Please help I really need to lose weight

    1. Allen Stern Post author

      Hi Jerry, first welcome! Have you adjusted the rest of what you eat? For example, if you eat a green smoothie, then a box of twinkies, you won’t lose any weight :) Also, have you checked with your doctor or nutritionist? I can’t really make any specific recommendations so I very much suggest you work with a nutritionist so that he/she can help you figure out some great meal plans to help you lose weight. Also – do you feel better since starting the green smoothies? I know for me it took a bit of time to start to see any weight loss, but I felt better and that was the most important for me.

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