How to Slice an Apple

Since I posted my Apple Snack recipe a few weeks ago, I’ve received over 75 emails and social media comments asking me how I sliced the apple “so thinly and beautifully”. First, thanks for all of the kind words – I never thought the Apple Snack would take off like it has. I feel like the Gangnam Style of the apple world :)

When I made the apple snack for my sister last week, she said, “oh look Allen made 200 slices out of one apple”. I think that’s one of the best parts of my apple slicing technique. It makes a ton of slices from one apple and yet each slice has the perfect thickness.

Ok on with the slicing technique! I promise this is super easy – all you need is an apple, a knife and a cutting board. I like Fuji apples but for the purposes of this demo, I am using a Gala. I find that Gala has a pinch less sweetness than the Fuji but both are awesome.

Step 1 – place apple on cutting board – see I told you this would be easy!

How to Slice an Apple

Step 2 – Slice the apple straight from top to bottom so you have 2 equal pieces

How to Slice an Apple Thinly

Step 3 – Slice each half into half the long way so you end up with 4 pieces.

How to Slice an Apple

Step 4 – You want to cut out the core on an angle – the idea is to leave each quarter with no core left.

How to Slice an Apple

Step 5 – Now the actual slicing begins. Set the apple flat on one side and begin to slice from top to bottom. Repeat until there is no “side” left and then flip the apple over and you will be able to finish slicing that quarter of the apple. The flip is important so that the apple stays firm on the cutting board.

How to Slice an Apple

That’s it – just keep slicing until you have reached the end of all of the pieces of apple. I’ve received a good bit of feedback from parents that kids love these slices.

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7 replies on “How to Slice an Apple

  1. Billie

    Your apple snack looks amazing and tasty! I am also looking to shed some pounds so it is nice to see healthy snacks to try! I may wait till have Christmas to totally start and all. hehe

    1. Allen Post author

      Hi Billie – thanks for your note and I am sure you will like my apple snack. But why wait to Xmas to start losing weight? Why not start today? :) What I have learned with weight loss or any goal is that tomorrow (or in this case Christmas) will never come. So just go try my apple snack today! And let me know if you need any help.

  2. Dawn Sanders

    I’m trying to eat healthy but I’m not a big fruit lover. I saw this and thought wow I hope this as good as they’re saying but I thought no way. I am amazed at how delicious it is!!!! Three ingredients and I’m in love. Thank you for sharing this you have no idea how much I needed something like this to reach my goal crunchy,sweet,a little tart what more could you ask for

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